Hello and welcome to the sites geostar.com my name is Geostar; I am a far right activist and i will be teaching you about the ideas of the primitve market vs modern market; what it means to be a market primitive; and what your rights are

THESE ARE THE BAD GROUPS POLITICS (NEO FEUDAL): Republican, Democrat, Libertarian Left, Lez fair Libertarian, Socialist, ANCAP(MODERN, FEUDAL), Marxised, Communist, Modern Capitalism (liberal feudalism), Liberal, Conservative. IF YOU ARE OF THESE GROUP NEO-FUEDAL PLEASE CONTINUE READING MY PAGE AND EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE POLITICS!!

primitive capitalism what it means

Many people hear primitive and they think throwing spears, rocks etc but when i say primitive i do not mean no technology but instead I mean keeping the capitalism primitive. In the primitive capitalism the technology actually progresses even faster!. In this page i will describe onto you what it means to be a Market Primitive.

Primitive Capitalism vs modern capitalism

The modern "capitalism" is a corruption of real capitalism. It is in itself a welfare system where people get free money; whether it be a black on the street getting free money in welfare; the israeli getting trump dollars or billionaire getting welfare from his employee(and also government). Many people do not work yet get money free, this is not real capitalism; it is Feudalism Rebranded.

Modern Capitalism = Feudalism 2!?

The "Capitalism" that exists in America isn't real capitalism; It's Feudalism with the terms changed, instead of king it's a "president"(preselected); instead of Lord it's "Billionaire"; instead of vassal its "middle class"; instead of peasant its "employee".

In feudalism there is a close and beneficial relationship between king and lord; In modern capitalism there is a close and beneficial relationship between president and billionaire(sometimes both). In feudalism the peasant works on the Lords land getting scraps in return; In modern "capitalism" the employee works on the Billionaires land getting scraps in return.

Now I hear what you say through my computer screen, how can you say people are peasant when there are so many job variety? you are correct. Unlike olden times in feudalism where there were basically three jobs for peasants (slave, serf, tenant) there are now many different types of peasant you can be. You can be an IT peasant, a lawyer peasant, a construction peasant, a warehouse peasant etc but is this really your goal? having more types of peasantry? what about not being a slave!? The Modern Market(Liberal-Feudalism) did not bring the variety of peasant jobs around either, it was invevitable with the expansion of human knowledge and the computer. Of course there is more options for peasants now, having a "variety" of choices for what type of peasant you want to be isn't freedom, I don't know about you but I'd rather not be a slave regardless of what type.

There is a new problem now, due to the fact the new generations have lived in decades of Neo-Feudalism branded as Capitalism; they now think capitalism is evil. Neo-Feudalism is evil but true capitalism ie primitive capitalism is not.

The millenial "solution"

The millenials; gen z etc are now afraid of the word "Capitalism" because it has meant neo-feudalism for decades now. This is understandable but they do not want Primitive Markets but instead they want socialism. I do not think they are intentionally malicious but instead are simply afraid of the word Capitalism. If you are a socialist please continue reading when I describe Primitive Capitalism, It is not feudalism like you are accustomed to but is instead the natural and correct state of Capitalism.

Primitive Capitalism

With all of the introductionary material out of the way, it is now time to describe Primitive Capitalism. Primitive Capitalism unlike Marxism and Modern-Capitalism(Liberal Fuedalism) is not a sequel to feudalism but is instead a completely new ideology that removes the feudal structure. In feudalism there are primitive structures for getting work done, the only people paid are the people doing the work and the primitive businesses are run by the employees. This maximizes effeciency by removing useless Feudal Lords getting stock dividends or taking half of your paycheck. It also makes the Primitive Business much more efficient as knowledgeable people who are doing the work are making the decisions. In Primitive Capitalism there is also no president, police or other powerholders. This is important because this is the only way to defend your rights.

What your rights are

There are no "rights" but only "right". This is the only real right you can have, if you cannot kill freely, you are a slave. When given the right to kill freely you can protect your own freedom efficiently. Right now under liberal-feudalism in America you have "Rights" but they are not rights, they are privileges that are granted to you by the government. To have freedom you must have the right to kill freely.

"Killing!? That's wrong!!"

I knew you would say this, it is a common response but let me ask you a question; Who grants your privileges right now? Why have you not been beheaded by a Jihad? It is because other people are killing for you. You are owned by murderers and as such you yourself already have the mark of cain by association. You can not claim to have any moral high ground above someone who wants true freedom as you yourself are perfectly okay with people murdering for you.
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